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As a percentage of the total population, Luxembourg has one of the largest community of expats in the world. Naturally its called an Expats country. We set-out to build a community in 2012 and now we are the largest community with over 40 thousand users across all our online groups. Having built an awesome and helpful community, we are now marching into a new phase - the Happiness building phase.

Happiness building:

We had a great demand from our community to evolve into something more than a community. To evolve Luxembourg Expats into a place to enhance happiness. “How we spend time is how we experience happiness”. So, we listened and acted.

Our people have been spending a lot of time in finding everyday things and services to jobs, events, and ways to meet people. Time that can be spent experiencing than wasted on finding. We are now evolving into a one-stop-place place where you can spend more time experiencing and meeting people, and finding things easily. We are a community that can help each other, socialise with one another, discover new people and we are a market place, jobs place, and buy/sell place . We are Luxembourg Expats. Check out - a one stop place for meeting people and your everyday needs.

Reach out at to engage or volunteer with us.